Live Workshop • Bucharest • June 10th, 2016
Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest

“Simple things are usually the key to big results. But simplest things are also the ones most difficult to explain. Ron Kaufman is the most energetic and competent guide to the complete understanding of how to deliver excellence in whatever you do.”

— Orlando Szasz
Business Angel


“Usually, I don’t like exclamation marks. I avoid them as much as I can in my verbal or written communication, I eliminate them from the texts I receive for editing. This is not the case for Ron Kaufman, who’s company is named “Up! Your Service”. Because he is the exclamation mark, perfectly placed in the name of the company the he started. This is what I believe, after I’ve seen him talking and playing the role of speaker in October 2012, in Bucharest: a persuasive speaker, a dialog partner who pays attention to the audience, a feelings magician and a man full of energy and enthusiasm. The fresh feeling used by Ron to deliver the message throughout the day, the abundance of examples used for spicing the speech, the flavor used in telling the stories and the charming energy put in clapping, running or jumping on the stage used to entertain remind me of some of Michael Jackson’s concerts – a complete and complex artist. I can hardly wait for Elena Calin and her team to do the impossible possible and to bring Ron again in Romania, in another event as vibrant as the first.”

— Rodica Nicolae
Editor in Chief – Manager Express

“Ron Kaufman succeeded, even for a day, to approach in a clear and relevant way the topic of Superior Services, as a natural habit for any organization. The subject of the workshop is highly important for any corporate or entrepreneurial business. We all try to keep or to win a part of the market share, profitability, or to promote our brand. It is not so widely understood that you can only achieve this by winning and keeping loyalty and heart. Although it was a conference, at the end of the day I felt like an MBA course. I left with relevant questions for the business that I lead and with useful and immediate action oriented knowledge, but also with a good feeling after a meaningful day. Ron Kaufman is a true expert, thoughtful man and an energizing interaction.”

— Mihaela Ginju
Partner and Executive Director at Erudio


“It was amazing to see Ron transform brilliant superior customer service strategies into common sense notions and vice-versa. His work and his results worldwide are an inspiration for any company that is willing to rethink, sometimes from scratch, its go-to-market approach. And so many actually do, because clients buying any kind of service anywhere in the world today are so much more empowered. So, up your service and live up to their expectations!”

— Elena Badea
Head of Market Enablement, EY Romania

“As leader of a professional services organization, it is crucial to get a clear perspective of what it is your client is valuing at any given time. This is exactly what Ron Kaufman brings you – an agile and simple way to get the big picture on superior client service. His approach is a powerful management tool that equips leaders with the ability to inspire their entire team to achieve service excellence.”

— Bogdan Ion
Country Managing Partner, EY Romania

“Ron Kaufman has designed and delivered service improvement programs for our management, country offices, sales teams, ground staff, pilots and cabin crew. He helps us fly high!”

Singapore Airlines

“Changi Airport is fortunate to have you as the very first service quality consultant. You set the tone for us and shaped our mindset. Your passion in promoting service culture is infectious.”

Changi Airport

“Our leadership is impressed. Ron connects busy people, facilitates robust debate and provokes discussion with insightful questions.”

Nokia Siemens Networks


“The results speak for themselves – YTD Month 10 Revenue Growth 32%, 53% Gross Profit Growth and 52% Net Profit Growth.”

Xerox Emirates

“Your lessons were immediately applied. Thank you for helping us serve our customers even better than before.”


“Ron’s writing is not just to be read, it should be devoured for proven strategies, techniques and immediate action steps!”


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