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  1. Introductory information and disclaimer
    • These Terms of Use are entered into between you (hereinafter referred to as “you” and “your”), including any visitors, on one side, and CUSTOMER FOCUS, on the other side. They constitute a legal agreement and create a binding contract between you and CUSTOMER FOCUS.
    • This website is owned by the company CUSTOMER FOCUS SRL (“CUSTOMER FOCUS”, “we”), a private limited company incorporated under the laws of Romania and registered in Bucharest, Romania, BUCHAREST, 83 CALEA 13 SEPTEMBRIE Street, SECTOR 5, having the VAT NO RO14622402. CUSTOMER FOCUS is also, in its relationship with its customers, the organizer of the Event(s) promoted on the Website (henceforth is also referred to as the “Organizer”).
    • By accessing our website ronkaufman.ro, or any of its pages or blocks (“Website”), as well as while you acquire or contract any of our services referred to at art. 2.1 below, you fully agree that you have read, and unequivocally understood, and accepted to be bound by all the terms and conditions stipulated throughout the following paragraphs (“T&C”, “Terms of Use”). Therefore, once accessing the Website and prior to the use of any one of our Services, you must duly read the T&C in full, as any failure to do so and all the subsequent consequences, irrespective of their nature or of the prejudicial amount incurred, remains in your sole responsibility. 
    • Our Services are offered to you contingent on the acceptance without reservation of all these T&C. Conversely, in case that you do not agree even to a part of the following T&C, please do not continue using the Website and refrain from contacting our Services. If in this case you do not exit all the Website’s pages opened in your browser, stop accessing the Website or continue to contract any of our Services, such conduct shall be deemed equal to your agreement with all the provisions set out below.
    • Please be aware that the T&C may occasionally undergo amendments in order to keep pace with relevant changes concerning our Services, the applicable legal regime, unforeseen events, technical modifications, or any other reason of such nature. Where they occur, CUSTOMER FOCUS reserves the right, but shall be under no obligation, to consequently adapt the T&C, the Privacy Policy, or the Website’s features. We will announce such amendments in the most feasible and practicable way possible. However, you must make sure on your own that you have acknowledged the most updated version of the T&C or of other similar regulations, especially with regard to your direct interests and before claiming any rights which constitute the subject-matter of these acts.
    • To contact us, please email at hello@upyourservice.ro, in case that for your specific situation there is no other contact option/address mentioned throughout the T&C.
  2. T&C’s scope and Definitions
    • T&C’s scope. The field of application of the present T&C results from the wording of all the provisions thereof and, for reasons of clarity, shall be briefly outlined below:
      • the T&C apply as to the Website, the use of CUSTOMER FOCUS related mobile applications and to any other services offered under the CUSTOMER FOCUS brand, including any event organized by us and/or promoted on the Website (collectively referred to as the “Services”). 
      • the T&C hence set out the terms, conditions, and notices under which the Services are offered, including but not limited to the use of this Website. They shall accordingly produce effects between you and CUSTOMER FOCUS whenever you visit the Website, register on the Website, or use the Services, even when you purchase a Ticket and in connection thereof.
      • Please be aware that the T&C do not apply for the access and use of the services available through external links found on the Website or on other social platforms used by CUSTOMER FOCUS, on CUSTOMER FOCUS Facebook pages and so on. For more details in that respect, please read Section 7 (“Third party linking and importing”) below.
      • When you decide to access, test or use specific features described or pre-available on the Website, you may be subject to specific additional terms and conditions that will be available in the corresponding section (if applicable).
      • The T&C are supplemented by and you must also comply with:
        • the CUSTOMER FOCUS Rules for attending each Event;
        • the Privacy Policy, other regulations issued by the Organizer and, where the case arises, those special terms, conditions and/or notices released for accessing or using individual services, including promotions, events as well as in relation to announcements concerning exceptional topics.
      • Definitions (a-z). Apart from the definitions provided throughout other stipulations of the present T&C, the following definitions shall apply:

Cases of Force Majeure

means then situations considered by the art. 13


means the Events organized by CUSTOMER FOCUS, including the business events which bring

together world-renowned speakers and audiences, the former consisting both of individuals

and companies enthusiastic about developing their understanding towards business,

today’s major challenges, critical thinking and much more, held either in physical and in

digital format, at predetermined dates and for the participation at which Tickets are required.

Event Organizer

CUSTOMER FOCUS together with all its affiliates or providers of the relevant services

regarding the organizational-administrative part of the Events, that bear the responsibilities

related thereof, in any relevant field such as security or admission to the Event.


the persons attending an Event, irrespective of the way in which they have acquired the Tickets or,

as the case may be, the entitlement to participate.


the person who acquired a Ticket, identified based on the data entered into the forms designed for

acquiring Tickets, irrespective of the chosen payment method. For avoidance of doubt, the Purchaser may

differ from the Ticket Holder.


means the person invited to speak on the stage for the audiences gathered at the CUSTOMER FOCUS’ Events. 


means a third-party service provider whose services are used by CUSTOMER FOCUS;


means the permit for attending an Event, irrespective of its form (printed, or digital) and of its

purchasing method, which is issued by CUSTOMER FOCUS and respects the pre-settled forms thereof.

For clarity, this notion shall be used inclusively when referring to different types of tickets

(e.g., complementary tickets, promotional tickets etc.).

Ticket Owner

means Participant who used Validated Ticket to access the Event; 

Validated Ticket

means a Ticket used for checking in to any Event’s edition;

Ticket Holder

means the person who is possessing the Ticket, including the buyer


any person who interacts with the Website, with any of its pages or blocks, as well as who acquires or

surveys information in view of acquiring our Services.

Working Day

means a day (other than Saturday or Sunday) when the banks are opened for working with the public

in Bucharest, Romania.

  1. Use of Services. General provisions
    • Age restrictions. All our Services must be deemed available only to persons who are in full capacity according to their national regulation.
      • If you are under 16 years of age, you are not authorised to use the Services, irrespective of whether you have attempted the registration or not. If you are between 16 and 18 years of age, you may use the Services only with the approval of your parent or guardian, subject to the special terms and conditions provided below. 
      • In all cases, these rules shall apply if not stated otherwise by CUSTOMER FOCUS and whilst the governing law does not provide otherwise. 
    • Website registration.
      • You are not required to register as a member within the Website in order to use some features of our Services. However, for accessing certain features or if imposed so by specific reasons, such registration may be considered mandatory.
      • Every time when you enter registration, log in, invoicing details, profile and other similar data, you must provide and maintain information which is true, accurate, updated, complete, and in accordance with the applicable laws, under your own and full accountability.
  1. Duties and acknowledgements.

Whenever you access or use the Website or any of the Services, you hereby acknowledge and expressly agree with the following conditions:

  • to comply with all the T&C, as defined under the above-mentioned paragraphs;
  • to abide by all the applicable laws and regulations whenever you access the Website and/or use the Services in any way;
  • not to share or disclose to any other party your user’s name, password or any other personal data used in relation to CUSTOMER FOCUS;
  • not to impersonate any person or entity or to falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity;
  • not to upload or distribute in any way files which you know or have reason to suspect that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software, programs, macros, or files that may detrimentally interfere with the Services or with the Website; nor to do anything which would create or impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large burden or load on the Website;
  • not to gather and use the information obtained in relation with CUSTOMER FOCUS for advertising or other unsolicited purposes;
  • not to use the Services, the Website as well as any information obtained in relation with CUSTOMER FOCUS for illegal purposes;
  • not to post or send “spam” emails, nor engage in any mass distribution of emails or send unrequired advertising in any form whatsoever based on information displayed on or collected from the Website or based on our Services;
  • not to post, promote or transmit information in connection with our Services, nor to act in any way that may infringe the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyrights, patent, trademark, trade secret, proprietary rights, rights of publicity, privacy policies and so on – in these scenarios you shall be solely, fully, and exclusively liable for any damages thus incurred;
  • not to copy, modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer, reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of any software that is used in connection with the Website or with any Services;
  • we offer no guarantee or assurance as to the functionality of the Website or any of its features and, moreover, CUSTOMER FOCUS does not commit and shall not be liable for any failure to support, display or offer any of the features available within the Website, especially but not limited to the situation in which a damage is caused by the action of a third party
  • Apart from the afore-mentioned obligations, you must also abide by all the applicable provisions of law and contractual clauses, even if not expressly stated or indicated, which may provide obligations to do or to refrain from something and which are enforceable in your case. Under all circumstances, you must also refrain from unfairly harming other persons’ rights or legitimate interests in relation to the access or use of the Website, respectively of the Services. Conversely, you shall be solely, fully, and exclusively liable for any damages thus incurred.
  • Consistently, CUSTOMER FOCUS reserves the right to disclose any information as deemed necessary for the observance of any applicable law, legal process, or governmental request, as well as to edit, refuse to post or remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, at CUSTOMER FOCUS’ sole discretion.
  1. Non-commercial use of the Website
    • Unless otherwise specified, the Website is intended only for your personal and non-commercial use. 
    • In that respect, you are not entitled to copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, licence, sell, create derivative works or materials from any information, software, products, or services obtained by using the Website or the Services. 
    • Without the priorly written permission expressly afforded by CUSTOMER FOCUS, you must refrain from proceeding with ‘meta-searches’ of the Website, sending, or cause to be sent any automated queries of any sort to the Website, or use the Services in any other commercial manner whatsoever.
  2. Restricted use of the Website
    • In addition to the restrictions stated elsewhere throughout these T&C, you must also refrain from using the Website in a manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair any website and network connected to the Website and you must not interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of the Services.
    • We hereby expressly forbid any attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Website, to other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the Website through hacking, password mining or any other equivocal or illegal means.
    • You must respect the functionalities of any content provided on the Website, as per the individual purposes thereof. It is therefore strictly prohibited to obtain or to attempt to obtain any materials or information which are not intentionally made available to that effect on the Website.
  3. Suspension or termination of your access. Modifications
    • It is well understood and agreed that CUSTOMER FOCUS reserves the right, in its absolute sole discretion, to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the Website, to the related services or to any portion thereof at any time, without a prior notice. Upon termination of your access to the Website, your right to use the Website immediately ceases. 
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS shall have no obligation to maintain a certain content on the Website or in relation to the Services, unless provided so through individual agreements concluded with CUSTOMER FOCUS.
  4. Third party linking and importing
    • If you would like to insert a hyperlink to the Website (or any part thereof) on any other website, webpage, ‘mirror’, server, or platform available to the public/a collective, as well as to spread any material contained within the Website by such means, you will always need CUSTOMER FOCUS’ prior written permission. Consequently, CUSTOMER FOCUS and/or another entitled party shall hold you liable for any damages or prejudices incurring in that respect. 
    • The Website may contain links to third party websites (“TPS”), which may or may not be under the control of CUSTOMER FOCUS. In no circumstances can linking be presumed to be due to any association of CUSTOMER FOCUS to that TPS’ operator. We provide such links only as a convenience, meaning that their inclusion does not entail our endorsement regarding TPS’ as far as security, privacy, scalability or other matters of such nature are concerned.
    • You are solely responsible for complying with TPS’ privacy statements, terms of use and other similar notices
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS shall not be held accountable for the contents provided on and for the issues related to these websites, including without limitation to any further links displayed on a TPS, nor for any changes or updates made to a TPS. 
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS is also not liable for the webcasting methods rendered by any third party, nor for any cases in which a TPS would not work appropriately.
  5. Tickets & Reservations
    • Special disclaimer. The following section details the process relating to acquiring or purchasing tickets, as well as to registering for events on the Website and it is also complementary to some terms and conditions applicable during an event organized by CUSTOMER FOCUS
    • If at any time you do not agree with the T&C, even partially, please do not use or access the Services. Failure to do so results in your acceptance of the hereby stated provisions, considering that whenever you purchase a Ticket or register for an event organized by CUSTOMER FOCUS you are expressing your full consent as to comply with the T&C and all other additional rules and regulations applicable to that Event. 
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS reserves the right to change the T&C and the Privacy Policy, including but not limited to the ticket prices and the fees associated with the use of the Website at any time with or without prior notice, whilst any such modified T&C will be posted on the Website.
    • Cart time. After selecting your desired number of tickets, you have 45 minutes to complete your order. However, the countdown is reset if you add another ticket to the shopping cart. After this period, in case that you fail to fulfil the reservation forms in due time, your shopping cart will be emptied automatically and you will have to reselect the number of tickets and hence to repeat this procedure. CUSTOMER FOCUS is not liable whatsoever should issues regarding the tickets’ availability arise.
  6. Special conditions related to the Tickets. If you intend to acquire or you have already acquired Tickets, you expressly accept the following additional provisions:
    • All orders are subject to availability and acceptance by CUSTOMER FOCUS, who reserves the right to accept or reject any order at its sole discretion.
    • By ordering Tickets, the Purchaser or the Ticket Holder expressly agrees to be bound by the T&C and the Privacy Policy.
    • Ticket prices, promotions and discounts may change during a sale period and they may differ from one Event to another, as determined solely by the Organizer. Furthermore, CUSTOMER FOCUS is entitled to carry out changes of this type based on its marketing or business development strategy, as well as on amendments concerning the applicable laws. 
    • No refunds shall be given or claims satisfied due to any change in Ticket prices, including but not limited to promotional prices, discounts, or any special offers, except otherwise stipulated throughout these T&C. 
    • Tickets must be collected within the time periods implied by your chosen delivery method. It is unequivocally understood that no refunds will be made for no-show or for uncollected Tickets
    • Purchasers who are under 18 years of age should seek parental consent before purchasing any tickets/merchandise from the Website as well as for acquiring any of the Services. Prior to any purchase made in relation to CUSTOMER FOCUS, you hence certify by default that you are at least 18 years of age and you have understood the T&C in full. 
    • For clarity, you must be aware that most of our events wouldn’t be recommended to younger than 18 years old, due to the complexity of the matters and the higher level of discussions involved. Under special circumstances however, and at the CUSTOMER FOCUS’ representatives’ sole discretion, participants under 18 years of age may be granted access to an event, provided they possess a valid access document (either a paid Ticket or a free or subsidised Ticket), the proper identification documents, and they must be accompanied by an adult that possesses a valid ticket. Anyone who fails to comply with these requirements may have their access restricted.
    • Any breach of the provisions set forth in the T&C and in other notices of such nature may attract the invalidity of your purchase and, as a result, it provides CUSTOMER FOCUS with the entitlement to deny your access at the respective Event. 
    • Upon confirmation of your order, no refund and/or no exchange of Tickets will be afforded under any circumstances, should the T&C or the applicable legal provisions do not provide otherwise. This stipulation shall be read in conjunction with the provisions contained within Sections 9 (“Specific conditions regarding the access and registration to an Event”) and 10 (“Refunds and Alterations”) set out below.
    • The purchased Tickets are for your own personal use or that of your business’ only. The account used for acquiring the ticket(s) offers the possibility to amend the beneficiary of each ticket. Therefore, if you received an invitation from such an account, please acknowledge that your ticket may become unavailable if the account used for acquiring the ticket(s) resets the respective ticket. Once the physical check-in is performed, you may no longer transfer the tickets. The resale of Tickets is clearly prohibited, irrespective of the price or whether you would pursue any other commercial gain such as grating tickets as part of promotions or competitions, until you have obtained CUSTOMER FOCUS’ special written permission in that respect. Consequently, you unambiguously assume that the Organizer will reserve its right to cancel with immediate effect any Ticket which have been transferred or resold, as well as to deny the entrance at the respective event to any Ticket Holder who would present Tickets acquired in this manner. 
    • We also reserve the right to cancel any Ticket which we reasonably believe that was purchased by a not expressly authorized ticket broker or was transacted in a parallel ticket market. It is thereby your sole responsibility to purchase the Tickets directly from CUSTOMER FOCUS. When acquiring tickets from a third party authorized trader, you will still receive all relevant documents and instructions from CUSTOMER FOCUS directly (i.e., from heloo@upyourservice.ro). In all cases, the tickets will become available once you have completed the online check in steps. Please be aware that failure to complete the online check in procedure will only offer you the possibility to claim the ticket but the ticket itself is not actually issued. 
    • Nevertheless, CUSTOMER FOCUS may accept the transfer of a Ticket to a new attendee, if you do not find yourself in the cases referred to above and subject to the observance of the transfer procedure listed in the account where the ticket was issued. The effective transmission of the ticket will occur once the new attendee has completed the check in procedure. 
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS will not be responsible for any Tickets that are lost or stolen. Nonetheless, the Organizer reserves the right to replace some of the Tickets, in special circumstances and based on a case-by-case assessment. Kindly note that the replacement may be subject to a special fee, since our lack of default concerning the occurrence of this issue.
    • The Ticket delivery procedure. Tickets are delivered in electronic soft-copy via email from hello@upyourservice.roto the email address provided by the Purchaser. If the Purchaser buys several Tickets online, the electronic tickets will not be sent until the Purchaser has provided all the required details for each beneficiary of the Ticket, such as name, email address, phone number etc. The online form may contain additional fields for inserting these details, if available at the time of purchasing. In case that the feature formerly referred to would be unavailable, these details regarding the beneficiaries of the Tickets must be communicated as soon as possible to our email hello@upyourservice.ro.
  7. Specific conditions and acknowledgements regarding the access and registration to an Event
    • No photography, audio or video recording is allowed during the Events, unless otherwise endorsed, expressly advised, or carried out by CUSTOMER FOCUS.
    • It is understood and agreed that even though the speakers’ presentations at an Event are based on CUSTOMER FOCUS’ endorsement as regards that specific speakers’ general known qualities, CUSTOMER FOCUS assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or the appropriateness of any information provided at the Event by any speakers, who express, irrespective of the topic, their own personal views and beliefs.
    • You are fully aware and you unconditionally accept that CUSTOMER FOCUS shall not be held liable for any information or advice disseminated during CUSTOMER FOCUS Events or in connection with our informative materials. Furthermore, the same acknowledgement expressly applies for the case in which you would base any of your financial decisions on ideas claimed to have been heard or stemmed from other ideas or suggestions presented during CUSTOMER FOCUS Events by a Speaker or by any other person. Any information spread under such circumstances must be considered merely informative and a result of a space which promotes the exchange of ideas but obliges no one to act in a certain way and
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS shall not be liable for any delay and/or failure in delivering to you the updated information, nor for issues as to the performance of any of our Services, if these would be caused by your failure to supply a valid email address and/or the accurate and updated contact details.
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS do not accept and would not tolerate harassment of any kind towards our Event participants in any form and we expect that all participants will conduct themselves in a civilised, professional, and appropriate manner. Any participants to each one of our Events who fail to comply with this obligation may be sanctioned or expelled from the Event, without a refund, at the discretion of the event organizers.
  8. Refunds and Alterations
    • General provisions.This section shall apply to the unfortunate situation in which our Services and, especially, any Event would make the subject of measures able to hinder their very performance, adopted by CUSTOMER FOCUS in consideration of various external factors. 
    • in case that an Event must be cancelled or postponed due to legitimate reasons, CUSTOMER FOCUS will duly inform the interested parties through an announcement posted on the Website, as soon as feasible.
    • subsequently, an official notice shall be published to that effect in the media, via media channels selected solely by the Organizer or on the Website. 
    • you shall be aware that these forms of information are not exhaustive. Therefore, for obtaining all the details regarding such measures, including the content and the thresholds of your rights, as well as the ways in which you can enforce them, you must read the Website notice referred to above, and, furthermore, to contact us about your specific situation. Should the Organizer grant a timeframe in that respect, you must duly observe it, given that, as you hereby acknowledge, any failure in doing so may entail prejudicial consequences on your own behalf.
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS has the right to postpone, modify, cancel, interrupt, or stop an event due to adverse justified situation such as weather, dangerous situations, unexpected issues with the location, if a speaker is prevented from participating due to a medical emergency, or in any other cases that may fall beyond our reasonable control. CUSTOMER FOCUS will notify the participants as to the details of the new event, which will be organized within 1 year from the original event, if this would reasonably be possible, or otherwise as soon as practicable. In such a case, CUSTOMER FOCUS clearly assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage as a result of the eventual substitution, alteration, cancellation, or postponement of an Event.
  9. Force majeure.CUSTOMER FOCUS shall not be held liable whatsoever for any non-performance, cancellation, error, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations, in the Website’s operation, in the provision of the Services (or any part thereof) or for any inaccuracy, unreliability or unsuitability of the Website’s contents, if this is due, in whole or in part, either directly or indirectly, to an event or failure which is beyond CUSTOMER FOCUS reasonable control, including without limitation to:
    • any natural calamities, such as earthquakes, floods, blackout, inevitable accident, lightning, land-sliding, Acts of God, pandemic or wide-spread epidemic, fire, as well as any other such calamity;
    • war (whether actual or imminent) or acts of terrorism, terrorist threats, riots, strikes or lockouts;
    • local or foreign judgments, legislation, acts, orders, directives, policies, restrictions, regulations, bye-laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any court, governmental, parliamentary and/or regulatory authority imposed or to be imposed after the fact;
    • power failure, acts or defaults of any telecommunications network operator or when communication lines (whether in Romania or elsewhere) cannot be used; and
    • acts or omissions of any third-party service provider or a party for whom CUSTOMER FOCUS is not responsible.
    • For avoidance of doubt, the previous clause includes the notion of fortuitous situation, as it is defined under several jurisdictions, unforeseen occurrence or any other similar notion referring to an external cause that would render the performance of obligations impracticable or impossible.
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS shall have no other liability or obligations also for any costs, expenses, losses, damages, or liabilities which may be incurred or suffered by the Purchaser, by the Ticket Holder or by any other party as a result of the measures unfortunately adopted as contemplated within the present article, inclusively in the case of cancellation/postponement of an Event.
    • Should an Event would be cancelled under the conditions set out above, CUSTOMER FOCUS will deploy all its reasonable efforts in order to ensure the reorganization of a similar Event in the next two years from the cessation of the cause that led to the cancellation of the event, if this would reasonably be possible, or otherwise as soon as practicable. The terms and conditions for rescheduling your Tickets, for the policy of refund and for accessing other eventual remedies shall be laid down through further notices published on the Website and/or social platforms and/or sent via e-mail, which are to be construed together with the present T&C and must be strictly observed.
    • In any case, you acknowledge that you shall not be entitled to and shall not claim a refund other than strictly in compliance with these T&Cs, with the applicable law
  10. Other issues regarding refunds and alterations.
    • Name changes as regards the beneficiary of the Tickets will be permitted, prior to the commencement of the Event and shall be free of charge. For this purpose, please observe the procedure detailed in the account used for purchasing the tickets. 
    • For the avoidance of doubt, CUSTOMER FOCUS does not accept any refund as a result of your late registration or withdrawal from an Event. Likewise, no refunds shall be given in case that you have bought a regular ticket, but also have concurrently secured a complimentary ticket.
    • Under no circumstances may validated tickets be returned, respectively after you perform the check-in.
  11. Complementary, subsidized and promotional tickets
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS believes that each of us should have equal opportunities to develop our dreams and ideas. There are also people who can help our event or further events in many ways. We offer regularly free and/or subsidized Tickets to our events from time to time. It is a condition of these promotions that only individuals who meet our requirements gain admission to the event using this type of tickets. These tickets are personal and non-transmissible. CUSTOMER FOCUS will publish from time to time the criteria and requirements to qualify for such a Ticket. Please contact CUSTOMER FOCUS directly at hello@upyourservice.ro for more details.
    • The user of the Website and/or purchaser and/or Ticket Holder, including the complementary or voluntary ticket holder, hereby gives consent for CUSTOMER FOCUS to use for the purposes of processing ticket registration, including complimentary ticket, the mandatory data and any voluntary data provided when registering a complimentary admission ticket. It is acknowledged and accepted that this data can be used at CUSTOMER FOCUS’ discretion for commercial purposes in accordance with this T&C and the Private Policy and that the data will be retained and stored for this purpose.
    • At the discretion of CUSTOMER FOCUS, complementary or subsidized tickets may be offered before the event start date. In these instances, if the attendee had not been directly nominated, tickets must be assigned to an attendee within 3 days of the receipt the complementary or subsidized ticket, and all attendee details must be fully complete in the form provided online or by email no later than 14 days before the event starts. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes name, job title, company name and a passport-style photo, if applicable. Any ticket reassignment after this date is prohibited.
    • It is expressly understood that any complementary or subsidized tickets cannot be sold or resold as doing so will void the Ticket and the Ticket Holder may not be allowed to enter the event. Our complementary and subsidized ticket offers sometimes include a processing fee. This fee shall be non-refundable in its entirety. If you have secured a complimentary ticket but have already bought a ticket, you are not eligible for a refund.
  12. Warranties, Liability and Limitations
    • The Services, the Website and all information, including but not limited to text, graphics and hyperlinks, materials, services, and functions contained therein are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis only. No warranty of any kind, implied, express, contractual or statutory, including but not limited to any warranties for title, non-infringement of third party rights, merchantability, satisfactory quality, accuracy, fitness as to a particular purpose and freedom from computer virus or other malicious and harmful components, destructive or corrupting code, agent, program or macros, is given in conjunction with the Website, or with any information and materials provided thereon, even throughout the promoted events.
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS does not warrant and shall in no event be liable for any damages, loss, or expense (including but not limited to direct, indirect, special, circumstantial, consequential, or punitive damages, loss of profits, loss of business, loss of opportunities, loss of goodwill or cost of cover) arising in any way from or in connection with:
    • the accuracy, timeliness, adequacy or completeness of the information, materials, services and/or functions provided at or contained in the Website; 
    • the idea that the access, use or inability to use and/or access to the Website, the Services and/or any information or materials on the Website will be uninterrupted, secure or free from errors, defects, mistakes and omissions, or that any identified defect will be corrected immediately, always; 
    • anyone’s misrepresentation that the Website, the information or materials provided therein will meet their subjective expectations, as well as that CUSTOMER FOCUS would absolutely guarantee whatsoever the non-existence of any virus or other malicious, deletions of files, delay in operations or transmission, non-delivery of information, disclosure of communication, destructive or corrupting code, agent, program or macros, any system, server and connection and/or performance failure;
    • any services, products, information, data, software, or other materials obtained, printed, or downloaded from CUSTOMER FOCUS or from any other website or webpage linked to the Website or from any other party referred to throughout the Website;
    • any dispute arising between you and any third-party service provider of the Website, even if CUSTOMER FOCUS would have been advised of the possibility of such damages, losses, or expenses; and
    • the misusage of the materials displayed on the Website resulting in infringement of the rights of the third parties. This paragraph shall take effect to the fullest extent permitted by law. Under no circumstances CUSTOMER FOCUS can be held liable for the consequences stemming from acts of such nature. Thereby, you must duly inform yourself about the thresholds between yours and other third parties’ rights, as appropriate and by all means, prior to using materials which are not your own in any manner which may raise uncertainties regarding the lawfulness thereof.
    • You acknowledge and agree that CUSTOMER FOCUS (and/or its suppliers, where it may be the case), shall not be liable and that there is no warranty in relation to the security of any information transmitted by or to you using the Website or any other means such as our emails, messages, letters and newsletters or any other sort of communication, announcement or notice, and you hereby accept the risk that any information transmitted or received, as mentioned above, may be accessed, copied, modified, altered, distributed by unauthorized third parties and/or disclosed by CUSTOMER FOCUS and its shareholders, officers, employees, or agents to third parties purporting to be you or purporting to act under your authority.
    • It is also agreed that you will not hold CUSTOMER FOCUS or any of its shareholders, officers, employees, advisers, or agents responsible or liable, in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), equity or otherwise, for any such access or disclosure or for any damages, losses, expenses, or costs whatsoever (whether direct or indirect, or whether foreseeable or not) suffered or incurred by you as a result of any such access, use of the Website or disclosure.
    • You should also understand and agree that some states/jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages and the above limitation may not apply to you. However, if you are dissatisfied with any portion of the Website, or with any of these T&C, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Website or our Services.
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    • Should you enter into a contractual relationship with speaker and/or any CUSTOMER FOCUS representative(s) subsequent to an event, you do that at your own risk, and acknowledge that CUSTOMER FOCUS has neither the responsibility for, nor any liability with regards to any contracts or relationships that would be concluded between yourself and that respective speaker(s) and/or CUSTOMER FOCUS’ representative(s).
  1. Intellectual Property
    • All trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property and proprietary rights related to this Website or to any Event, irrespective of whether it requires prior official registration, including but not limited to text, software, code, scripts, internet sites, music, sound, photographs, video, graphics, graphical user interface, forms, diagrams or any other support, content or material (the “Content”) (subject to the rights of the Speakers or presenters or developed as a result of the Event) shall belong to CUSTOMER FOCUS or, as the case may be, to other third parties content providers and you are permitted to use that support, content or material only as expressly authorized by CUSTOMER FOCUS to do so.
    • You may not, however, sell copy, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, transmit, reuse, re-post, or otherwise use the Content for any public or commercial purposes or for longer than necessary, without CUSTOMER FOCUS’ prior written permission. Meanwhile, if you have a valid claim regarding any material contained or published on this Website, you are welcome to contact and provide us with the relevant evidence, so that, based on such will analyze, we may rectify, amend and/or remove that element from our Website or to perform special remedies if appropriate. 
    • In any respect, CUSTOMER FOCUS reserves all its intellectual rights, even if they were not expressly mentioned within the Website, with the occasion of Events or throughout the content and materials otherwise provided.
  2. Records
    • You acknowledge and agree that CUSTOMER FOCUS’ records relating to or connected to your use, access, communication, transactions, instructions, or operations of the Website, Services and during an Event shall be rendered without any restrictions from your side, for all purposes whatsoever and shall constitute conclusive evidence of such communications, transactions, instructions, or operations.
    • You agree that such records are admissible as evidence and that you shall not challenge or dispute the admissibility, reliability, accuracy, or the authenticity of the contents of such records merely on the basis that they were found in electronic form or were produced by or are the output of a computer system, and consequently, hereby you waive all your rights (if any) to raise any objection in that respect.
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    • All the personal data collected by CUSTOMER FOCUS during your access to the Website and/or your use of Services is made in full observance of the provisions set out throughout the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “GDPR Regulation”). 
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By accessing this Website and/or using the Website and any Services, you have acknowledged and agreed that Romanian law (including without limitation, the provisions of the Evidence Act and the Electronic Transactions Act shall govern such access and that this T&C together with the Privacy Policy shall be construed and governed by Romanian law.

  1. Arbitration
    • In the event of any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with the T&C contained herein, including the Privacy Policy and any questions regarding their existence, validity, breach, or termination, the parties undertake to seek an amicable resolution with the possibility of using a mediator. 
    • In the event that the parties fail to reach an amicable resolution, they shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration in Romania at the Court of International Commercial Arbitration hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, should the concrete dispute fulfil the prerequisites thereof or, otherwise, at another reliable arbitral centre in Romania. Any bias in relation to the arbitrators must be always prevented, as it is also prohibited herein. The language of the arbitration shall be Romanian. The parties hereto undertake to keep the arbitration proceedings and all information, pleadings, documents, evidence, and all matters relating thereto confidential. 
    • In case you are a natural person – consumer (as defined by the Romanian regulation in force) acquiring the Services of CUSTOMER FOCUS, any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or in connection with the T&C contained herein, including the Privacy Policy and any questions regarding their existence, validity, breach, or termination shall be referred to the Bucharest competent courts. 
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    • You can validly notify CUSTOMER FOCUS by using the form posted on the first page of the Website or by sending an e-mail to the address: hello@upyourservice.ro.
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We welcome any comments, feedback, and constructive complaints from anyone in relation to this Website, our Services and any event promoted or provided on this Website. We do our best to reply in a timely manner and to address any customer complaints where reasonable. 


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